Express Mail Service By Indian Post Office

In this video you will know the features of Express Mail service (EMS) offered by the India post office. It actually gives in depth overview on how to use the EMS post and send your letters.

Watch the above video and be familiar with this feature.

BlueDart Courier and India Speed Post

The two most powerful couriers in India are the bluedart and the speed post. Everyone should know the difference between these two courier services. This will help you in choosing the right courier service. Let's take a look at both the courier services in detail.

India Speed Post

Speed mail is India’s premier and expert mail delivery service for Indian citizens. It is the domestic market leader in India. It is delivering the mails with speed, secure and safety across every nook of India. It is the associate of Universal Postal Union and EMS, which is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies. Along with EMS, it provides the services across 99 foreign countries. Through this association it offer time definite and express services to customers in India and also around Globe.

BlueDart Courier

Blue dart is one of the biggest courier service in India. It handles end to end operation right from collecting the package to the delivery of the package. With its modern technology, customers can actually track the blue dart courier status online by just filling out the airway bill number. Bluedart is a leading provider of mailing, fulfillment and delivery services worldwide and has been delivering the premium global mail services for more than 30 years. It is a leading distribution company and has grown phenomenally since its beginnings.

Over the past 30 years, this courier service has grown to be an award winning, prominent player in the global market. It is specialized in business to business delivery operations worldwide. It is providing the services like flexible, cost effective, quality mail solutions for many organizations and customers in worldwide. It first is customer and its main aim is passionate and genuine commitment to exceed the client expectations and provide best in class performance. This philosophy led the Bluedart becoming market leaders in an ever changing market.

Key Differences between Speed Mail and Blue Dart Courier

The main difference between these mail services providers are given below:
  • Speed mail is a postal service provided by Government of India, to facilitate high speed delivery of documents and others. On the other hand Bluedart is a private utility service, to provide faster delivery of important documents and others.
  • Speed mail service is available throughout the year except on Sundays and public holidays. Whereas Blue dart services are available throughout the year, including the Sundays.
    Bluedart deliveries faster and more secure, when compare to speed mail.
  • Blue dart courier tracking tool is far better than India post tracking or speed post tracking tool.
    Speed postal service has one rate across India, where as Blue dart rates are change from destination to destination.
  • Bluedart service is much faster than Speed postal service in major cities, but in villages, towns speed mail is faster than Blue Dart.


Both the services are leading service providers, when compare to the other courier companies. These are fully computerized and their branches are inter-connected through their official website for centralized data. By using speed post tracking or India post tracking and blue dart courier tracking system on web, you can monitor the current or delivery status details of the shipment. Finally, these services are reliable, responsive and value for money basis  to the esteemed customers.

India Speed Post and EMS Post

From the last 28 years, speed mail is the domestic market leader. By using this mail, you can grow the business in national wide. It has the best on time delivery, 0% pilferage and shortage. Its aim is to be No. 1 fast delivery mail service provider in India and also in worldwide. For this, department of posts have commitment, widest reach, organization building, IT enabled infrastructure and brand building. And also brings efficiency in services cost through timely and safe delivery.

The Department of Indian postal services is the division of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (India). This organization was founded in 1st October 1854. It is and India’s premier, dependable expert mail delivery service provider for many Indian citizens and industries. The premier services offered by department of post’s are delivery of mails like speed mail, registered post, express parcel and etc. And also offer the services like banking, insurance, retail and etc. It has the best real time tracking facilities. By using the speed post tracking or any other India post tracking feature, you can find the latest information of the consignment.

It is customer oriented and mufti technology service provider in Indian and international markets. It is excellent in every activity and pursuit of value based services to the esteemed customers like industries, employees, bank persons, students and etc. The services to the customers are effective, reliable, and on time delivery. Its first aim is customers. They have best quality management, infrastructure and information technology.

Ems Speed Mail

This organization was established in 1998, with the aim to provide services to the customers with a high quality, competitive services to worldwide. It is an international postal express mail service provider for documents and merchandise. It works to maintain the global network and establish to almost 191 countries to worldwide. And also improves the quality of services for customers.

India Post vs EMS Post

It has the best web based tracking system and that allows the clients to monitor their shipments update at any time. Customers can receive the real time updates on email, SMS or on the website. Ems speed mail supporting the speedy, accurate and efficient deliveries across the worldwide. The major feature is that they deliver the consignments in time and with care, so they are reliable. They provide the complete information about the consignment, until it reaches the recipient.

Ems has the best staff with skilled, committed and loyal. They are experts in handling the large shipments. And they work continuously until the parcel is reach to the customer safely. Their focus is superior customer service. Its network is spread to worldwide and they work 24/7 hours. They provide the services to the customers are speed, accuracy and value for money basis to the customers. This company offers a comprehensive range of global door to door services including customs clearance. They offer a nurturing environment which has helped many customers to grow their business.

Key Differences between Speed Mail and Ems Speed Mail

Actually the India speed mail is created with the purpose of to deliver the mails in every corner of India with speed, secure and safety. But for global deliveries this mail was joined with Ems and sends the parcel through this for different countries. This is key difference between them.

Both are the premium and time bound international postal service for documentations and industries. Whenever, the esteemed customer wants to send the parcel in any of the concerned office booking counter across India or any other country. For metros or major cities the booking counters are opened till late in the evening.

After booking the articles, the concerned person will provide you a booking receipt. It has the best web based and SMS based tracking tool feature. You can find the speed post tracking latest information, by using the 13 digit bar-code, which is printed on the booking receipt. One of the major point is the booking article weight is up to 35 Kg. For some countries, the weight of the parcel has lower restrictions. And the size the article is not exceeding 1.5 meter for any one dimension and 3 meters for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length.


Both the services have the largest and widest network in India and also worldwide. And they provide the value for money basis services to the clients. They have the best web based and sms based tracking system. By using this system, you can find the speed post tracking or any other India post tracking current or delivery status of the article. Finally both services responsive, reliable and act as interface between the citizens and various industries.

Speed Post Tracking of Indian Postal Office

The department of Indian postal service has over 150 years of combined experience and they have made the right investments in people, facilities and technology to operate efficiently and effectively. The department of postal service is confident with their customers, since they are providing the quality service within a frame work of competitive pricing. India post office provides the services like delivering mails, money transfer, banking, insurance, retail services and etc in India. They have invested in the latest technologies for data integration, online account management and real time tracking. By using this technology, you can find the speed post tracking or any other India post tracking status of a consignment.

The department of Indian postal service has a team of dedicated professionals having distinct experience in domestic industry. The speed post is one of its kind which actually delivers the mails in just 3 days. The status of the mail can be checked with speed post tracking at by using the AWB shipment number. It has been constant endeavor to provide unmatched services to all esteemed clients. Its customer services team is well equipped with and online tracking system and other communication aids to enable round the clock tracking and prompt delivery of your shipments. The experience of India post office has a great advantage that many international and domestic courier agencies utilize their network and affect their deliveries.

speed post tracking of indian post office

The department of postal service is the largest and wide network in India and also in the world. Its first choice is customer and they believe in friendly customer service from local staff that really cares. They are providing the high quality service, strong IT system integration capabilities and the most user friendly website in the industry to the customers. The client can reach the customer service center for any queries with more convenient and they will help at any time.

India post office can meet the client’s requirements and enhance service levels documents, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. They guarantee that all shipments will be handled with great care and also that the same will be booked through the recognized express parcel companies. It has the clients from every industry like banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, export, textiles and etc. it is specialize in local, national and international courier.

About Speed Mail

From the last 28 years, speed mail is the market leader in the domestic express industry of India. It is the largest network in India and also in worldwide. It has nearly 1.5+ post offices across India, in which 89.86% post offices that means almost 1.3+ post offices are situated in rural areas. Every year, Indian postal service delivers 1575 crore mails across every corner of India.

It is the preferred delivering mail service provider. It is efficient, effective and reliable in operations. With the quality management, culture and positive attitude, they provide the excellent services to the customers. It cost is low, when compare to other services and also deliveries the mails with high speed. These are best in providing customized and cost effective in end to end supply chain process.

The department of Indian postal service is making the progressive use of technology to achieve functional excellence in work and create sustainable value for esteemed customers. They are committed to surpass customer’s expectations, consistently in all their operations. Speed mail provide the fast, reliable, economy and value for money basis to the customers.

India Post Tracking Methods

To book a parcel or consignment, visit the nearer post office booking counter. After booking the parcel then they will provide you a booking receipt. Finally, you have to follow the below step by step procedure until the parcel reach to the consignee.
  • Visit the official website
  • Look at the speed post tracking form.
  • Enter the tracking number in that form, which is printed on the booking receipt.
  • The tracking number is a thirteen digit barcode and it is a unique number.
  • Now click on the GO button and then you will receive the information about current or delivery status of the consignment.
  • SMS – Type POST TRACK <13 digit article number< and send to 166 or 51969.
  • After some time you will get a SMS of current or delivery status of the consignment.
  • SMS will be applied as per the service provider.
  • If you face any problem related to this, please visit the nearer post office or call to the customer care and they will help you.

Speed Mail Features

The main features of department of Indian postal service are given below:
  • Reliability, speed and secure.
  • Customer friendly services.
  • Internet and mobile track and trace system.
  • Custom clearance.
  • Value added services.
  • Cash on delivery.


The department of Indian postal service is the heart of every Indian citizen. It is the domestic market leader in India. It has one of the best track and trace tool feature. By using this feature, you can find the latest information about the India post tracking or speed post tracking. Finally, department of posts is acting as interface between citizens and India Government.

How India Post Dispatches Mails

India post, for more than 160 years old organization has its feet firm on the ground with 1 Lakh 55,000 post offices in the country. The organization is swiftly adapting itself to the latest trends in communication technologies driven by the need to serve its large customer base. In addition to its primary business of mail and its flagship speed post whose status can be known by speed post tracking, it offers express parcel and business parcel along with cod facilities to the e-commerce players.

With the growing e-commerce market, India Post is positioning itself to cater to the growing demands of the various players in the market.  To create an edge over its private competitors, India Post had to invest in technology to keep up with the changing trends and thus they built an automated mail processing center in 2012. It is located next to terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. It uses state-of-the-art technologies to process sort and classifies mails to be sent to various destinations in the fastest possible manner.

The AMPC complex comprises of four segments. The Machine hall that has two high-tech mail processing assembly line machines, BNP L hub that processes speed post consignments of bulk customers such as Amazon, SBI, and others. The manual ordinary mail processing area and the transit mail office that receives and dispatches mails. For nearly three decades, speed post a market leader in the domestic Express industry provides time-bound and expressed delivery of letters and parcels weighing up to 35 kgs between specified stations of the country.

The speed post service even has its reach in the international arena. In collaboration with the Universal Postal Union, EMS speed post provides speedy and economical services to 99 countries of the world. Speed post can be booked at any post office from where it has brought to the AMPC complex. The consignments that are less than 2 kgs are sent to the mixed mail sorting machine also known as the MMS. While the heavier ones are sorted manually.

Indian postal Mail Operations and SMS features

Indian post office is the first mail service set up in India. The organization has more than 150K branches established across the country. It keeps up to date with the latest trends in technology and communications. The important service started by it is speed post which is known for sending mails quickly. Also it allows to track the status of the India post by SMS and other online methods.

This video is about the mail operations of the India post. Also you will know how the tracking feature is implemented with the Integration of SMS Tracking technology.