About Me

The SmsMeOn.com is an online website which allows users to receive the tracking status of speed post and registered post. We have developed a sophisticated  program which actually sends SMS to users as soon as they click on the tracking button.

We have Integrated our cutting edge technology with the Indian postal department to get the tracking feature. You can get more details about how this works. The first step is to enter the tracking number on the home page of the website and then click on the track button. After that our server is contacted with the details you have passed.

From our server, we send a request to the Indian postal server for the status of the speed post. As soon as we receive the status, we will then send an SMS alert to the user. If your parcel is delivered then we won't send you any further alerts. In case if your package is not delivered, then we will send you SMS alerts twice a day regarding the status.

This is a great feature and everyone can use it for free. We would like to here feedback from you on improving our services. You can also contact our customer care for any queries.